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Count Camillo Cavour was the first Prime Minister of Italy,which was once named Sardinia. Cavour also designed the constitutional structure of Sardinia.

Count Camillo Cavour was born on August 10, 1810 in Turin, Piedmont while it was under Napoleon's rule. In 1820 when he was 10 his parents sent him away to Turin Military Academy. Since Cavour was very stubborn he was often not on very good terms with the officers there. He must have gotten over his dislike for the academy though because four years later he was later the a page to the King of Piedmont, Charles Albert. Cavour resigned from the army in 1831 at the age of 21. Count Camillo Cavour died on June 7, 1861 at the age of 51.

Prime Minister
In 1852 Victor Emmanuel II made Cavour the Prime Minister of Sardinia. The kingdom of Sardinia consists of Piedmont,Nice, and Savoy. Count Camillo Cavour favored liberal goals, he was crafty, and flexible, and a great politician. He used any means possible to achieve his goals. Cavour was a monarchist who strongly believed in Realpolitik. Realpolitik is politics dealing with reality rather than a set of beliefs and ideas. He improved many things within Sardinia such as agriculture, free trade was now allowed, and Cavour also rebuilt railroads.

Against Russia and Austria
In 1855 at the age of 45 Cavour led Sardinia into battle against Russia, with Britain and France as allies. This war is know as the Crimean War. Although they did not win, because of this war Sardinia was noticed by France. Cavour then made a secret agreement with Napoleon III. This agreement stated that France would aid Sardinia if it faced war against Austria. Then of course a year later Count Camillo Cavour provoked a war with Austria. True to their word France helped Sardinia defeat Austria.

1.What kind of politics did Count Camillio Cavour practice and believe in?

2. What did the agreement between Napoleon III and Count Camillio Cavour state?

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